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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mark Hansen's Ten Favorite Disney Villians


After reading Michael Wermuth’s list of Disney Villains, I knew I had to contribute my own list! Not because his list was incorrect; on the contrary, I think he made terrific choices. It’s just fun to list things, and Disney Villains are often the best part of Disney films or TV shows. So, here’ my list, in no particular order. Oh, and Spoiler Alert, as many of these entries contain sensitive plot points.
10. Shere Khan: From The Jungle Book, Shere Khan doesn’t enter until two-thirds into the movie, but his presence is felt from the very beginning. He’s a suave killer, with a silky voice provided by George Sanders. Bonus points for his Trump-like turn at moguldom in TaleSpin.
9. Madame Mim: The black witch from The Sword in the Stone. In what’s arguably the highlight of the film, she battles Merlin in a magical duel, transforming into creature after creature until being defeated when Merlin infects her, as a germ. Yeesh, I guess I never thought of the subtext of that. Moving on.
8. Prince John: From Robin Hood. In a terrific vocal turn from Peter Ustinov, the truck driver in The Great Muppet Caper, Prince John is a sniveling tyrant. He’ll conspire in the murder of Friar Tuck, but collapse into tears and thumb-sucking at the mention of his mother. Multi-faceted, villainous, Muppet connection. The trifecta!
7. Turbo/King Candy: The mastermind behind the mass amnesia of the citizens of Sugar Rush in Wreck-It Ralph, King Candy is actually a cleverly disguised ex-racing game star Turbo. Hey, when your voice is designed to sound like Ed Wynn, you’ve already won me over. Alan Tudyk surprised on all fronts in this role!
6. The Bowler Hat Guy: From Meet the Robinsons. Because of the robotic bowler hat and the dinosaur.
5. Professor Ratigan: From The Great Mouse Detective. Voiced by the incomparable Vincent Price, Professor Ratigan is the evil mastermind behind the plot to replace the Mouse Queen of England (remember that?) You know he’s an iconic Disney villain, as he fell to his death.
4. Oogie Boogie: From The Nightmare Before Christmas. You know, for what is essentially a sack full of bugs, Oogie Boogie is awfully charismatic. His singing voice alone is wonderful. I guess that’s about it. Otherwise, he’s an evil sack of bugs.
3. Lots-O’-Huggin Bear: From Toy Story 3. Yet another deceptively-pleasant-but-evil-on-the- inside character. I love how they gave him a back story similar to Jessie’s from Toy Story 2, but showed how being abandoned can warp you. Also, if you ask my two year-old son, the scariest character in this movie is the surveillance monkey.
2. Judge Doom: From Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A homicidal toon in a Christopher Lloyd mask, Judge Doom is the ultimate self-hating villain, willing to eradicate his own race for financial gain. Luckily, he was hoist by his own petard, i.e. destroyed by his own dip. Oh, the fizzy, fizzy irony!
1. Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz: From Phineas and Ferb. Doofenshmirtz is one of my all-time favorite characters, hands down. I just love bumbling super villains, especially of the mad scientist variety. He is full of hilarious quirks, from his hatred of lawn gnomes to his love for his best friend (a balloon with a face drawn on it.) Doof rules, people!
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