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Monday, January 13, 2014

Double Review: Sebastian's Caribbean Jamboree & Sebastian's Party Gras

John Viaes- The 1970s and 1980s were two dark decades for Disney animation. The studio was struggling after Walt Disney has passed away in 1966. Most of their newest animated films would turn out to be either commercial or critical failures. A light shined on the animation world in 1989 with the release of Disneys 28th feature length animated feature, The Little Mermaid. Making $211,343,479 at the box office, The Little Mermaid became a cult classic and was said to have brought back life
in the art of Disney animated feature films and started a the era known as the Disney Renaissance.

        The Little Mermaid was also very popular that is still selling merchandise to this day, a broadway show was produced and lasted for a few years, a few attractions at Disneys themed parks are inspired by the film, along with an animated television show for the Disney Channel (which is still being shown in reruns on Disney Junior) and two direct to video sequels.
One thing about The Little Mermaid that somehow faded away over time was the infamous stage show at Walt Disney World starring Sam Wright, the voice actor for the films character, Sebastian the Crab. Two filmings of the show were released onto home video by Disney in the early 1990s. 

Sebastians Caribbean Jamboree was released in 1991 with Sebastians Party Gras to come one year later. Both videos are live action combined with animation and feature Wright communicating with the character he portrays in Disneys animated classic. Sam performs on stage with a group of both kids and adult performers and each song they sing is either upbeat, sweet, or just flat out fun and all done Caribbean style.
  Sebastians Caribbean Jamboree focuses on Sam Wright and a group of kids putting on a show at Walt Disney World. Sebastian is anxious and worried that the show will not go all as planned. The songs in the video teach Sebastian not to worry so much and that good things will come all in good time. Songs in this video consist of such favorites as Hot, Hot, Hot, Arise, Three Little Birds, Day-O (The Banana Song) Music Sweet, You Can Get It If You Really Want, and the academy award winning Disney classic, Under the Sea. The show ends wonderfully with the well-known Jamaica Farewell. A few of the songs also contain sing-along lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Im not so sure where in the resort this was filmed though.

            The second video, Sebastians Party Gras, filmed at New Orleans Square at Walt Disney World, has more songs that give the same vibe the first video gave. In this show, King Triton discovers a secret that Sebastian has been hiding, that he performs shows on the shore with Sam when hes not performing under the sea with Ariel and her sisters. Triton is outraged by this and tells Sebastian that this will be his last performance with Sam. Of course, Sebastian has a difficult time trying to tell Sam as he puts on a forced smile throughout the show. Triton watches the show from under the sea and soon changes his point of view. Songs include Iko, Iko, In De Conga Line, Limbo Rock, Carousel, Octopuss Garden, Twist and Shout, Life is a Magic Thing, and my personal favorite, Give a Little Love. This video ends nicely, as Sam is invited to join Disney Worlds Party Gras parade the next day.

            Both videos, though dated, are fun and colorful. Sam Wright is very upbeat, happy, and energetic all the time. He really knows how to speak to his audience and the people performing with him. The backup dancers are great as well and even the kids are just as energetic. The songs are performed wonderfully. The only problem I would have with one is also the same problem I would have with the other. Whenever Sam talks to Sebastian, the animation for the character is cut from The Little Mermaid and pasted something else. Clips of Sebastian speaking with King Triton is nothing but clips from the same film but dubbed over by the same voice actors. Aside from that, both shows are fun and colorful, and are still entertaining even when the 90s are over. I saw both shows on VHS when I was a little kid before I saw The Little Mermaid actually and I was very enthused.

            Sadly, there are no plans for Disney to release either of these two shows on DVD. Its a shame because I feel as if they would both have served as great bonus features for The Little Mermaids Diamond Edition Blu-Ray release. If you can find them on VHS or Laserdisc (try looking online), I recommend checking them out, especially if you are a fan of The Little Mermaid or of Disneys theme parks. I think somebody uploaded both of them on YouTube as well. 

Did you see one of these shows when you were younger? Do you remember what Disney World was like in the early 90s? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email at mickeymindset@gmail.com! 

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  1. Great article,but The Little Mermaid series was produced for CBS and then reran on The Disney Channel and Toon Disney.

    1. Oh I didn't know that. I should have done more research, but thanks for the feedback :)