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Friday, January 31, 2014

News Update: January 31st 2014

Mitchell Stein- The Disney masterpiece Frozen, hits theaters again today with an all-new special sing-along version of the film! Over 2,000 theaters across North America are taking place in this all-new experience to Frozen. As the movie's soundtrack is heard in the film, a bouncing snowflake will follow the on-screen lyrics. The rest of the movie will remain untouched.

Along with that, a special version of Get A Horse! will accompany the Sing-Along at the El Capitane Theater in Los Angeles. The sing-along will also include appearances by Anna and Elsae and flurries inside the theater itself.

Check local listings to find a showing of Frozen Sing-Along near you!

Saving Mr. Banks the Disney biopic telling the story of how Walt Disney wooed P.L. Travers into the rights of her books Mary Poppins into a film adaption is to be released on March 18th 2014. The release date was made official by Amazon.com and the Walmart website but not yet confirmed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment.

Last week we reported that The Muppets would be starring in an all-new commercial alongside Terry Crews promoting The Toyota Highlander during the Super Bowl this year. Toyota released the entire ad online as well as a whole bunch of extra bonus videos. Read some more about it on our sister site, The Muppet Mindset.

The Muppets will also be appearing on Jimmy Fallon's final show on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon as announced last night. The final show will premiere February 7th on NBC as Fallon prepares to take over Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. 

Maleficent, the film based on the villain from Sleeping Beauty and starring Angelina Jolie released an all-new trailer this week, includes Lana Del Ray's rendition of Once Upon A Dream from the original Sleeping Beauty film. The trailer can be seen on the right.

Maleficent hits theaters May 31st, 2014.  The soundtrack will be released on May 27th.

With the Super Bowl approaching, be prepared to see several Big Game Spots for many upcoming Disney movies. So far announced was for Need For Speed, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Maleficent and probably many more. Be on the lookout for an ad for Muppets Most Wanted, The Wind Rises, and more.

Speaking of Captain America, an all new poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier was released late last night. The poster showcases the return of Steve Rogers (A.K.A Captain America) Natasha Romanoff (A.K.A Black Widow) and S.H.I.E.L.D director Nick Fury.
The Winter Soldier arrives in theaters April 4th 2014.

Continuing in the promotion for Need For Speed, the Disney distributed film set under the Touchstone Pictures banner in partnership with Dreamworks, released yet another incredible behind the scenes look at how they filmed the movie. This week's video includes Dominic Cooper in "Driving School...Again."

Construction has already begun on Avatar Land in Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando. This week, John Rhode and John Landau held a press conference and explained lots of new info about the expansion. Here's video of the event, courtesy of Big Fat Panda.  

                                  That's it for this week's news! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. I got a question about Avatarland. Suppose the second film flops. What would happen then?

    1. Exactly my thought. I think Disney jumped for this franchise a little too fast. Avatar was extremely popular, but who said anyone will still be interested in the next three movies? How do they know people will be interested when it opens in 2017?

      Harry Potter proved to be successful over and over again, so it made sense for Universal to build the area, but for Avatar, I don't think their heads were on straight.