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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Favorite Places in Walt Disney World, Part 1

Ryan Dosier - I've been going to Walt Disney World since I was three years old. At this point I've been to the Disney Parks at least 15 times (quite honestly I've lost count) so I've gotten quite fond of and quite familiar with almost every inch of my favorite places to go. I have favorite locations in all four of the Walt Disney World parks, so there will be four parts of these posts. Today...


I don't know if Magic Kingdom is my favorite park, but it's definitely top two. The whole park is so beautifully and expertly designed. You can feel the magic of Walt Disney and the great work of all the Disney animators, Imagineers, and talented staff practically oozing from every corner. Here are some of my favorite spots...

The Back of Cinderella Castle
The back of Cinderella's Castle is so under appreciated. It's just as ornately detailed as the front, just as impressive, and simply beautiful. I love walking through Fantasyland and just casting a glance at how magnificent the Castle is.

Partners Garden
Directly in front of Cinderella's Castle is another under-appreciated locale surrounding the classic "Partners" statue featuring Walt and Mickey. There are smaller statues of some of Walt's greatest characters including Chip 'n' Dale, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, Dumbo, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald Duck. Each of these statues are beautiful and they are in the literal center of the park's hub.

The Top of Main Street Train Station
Perhaps my absolute favorite spot in the Magic Kingdom is this overlook of Main Street from the top floor of the train station. There are some tables and chairs up there that are almost never filled during the day. Not only is this a perfect place to relax, but it's a quiet, secluded location to watch the daily parade. If you have time to just stop and chill, this is the place to do it.

Tony's Town Square Restaurant
Anytime I'm looking for great food at a great location, I turn to Tony's Town Square. Situated right at the front of Magic Kingdom, this lovely locale is perfect. Yet another fantastic place to retire for an hour or two and enjoy good food, great atmosphere, and an escape from the crazy crowds. Plus, all of the Lady and the Tramp aesthetics make for some amazing decorations.

Gaston's Tavern
Yes, every time I've been there it's been swamped with people, yes it's very kitschy, but how can you not love Gaston's Tavern? It's such a perfect recreation of the location in Beauty and the Beast and it features the awesome Gaston and Le Fou fountain. The interior and exterior are equal in awesomeness. Can't really beat this New Fantasyland area.

Bridge Going to Be Our Guest
Magic Kingdom's best restaurant features one of it's most gorgeous places at night. It is perhaps my favorite place to watch the "Wishes!" fireworks display. Standing here, you're literally engulfed by fireworks. They get shot off in front of you at Cinderella's Castle, and behind you at Beast's Castle. It's outstanding.

Main Street USA at Night
I love Main Street at Christmas, of course, but Main Street USA every night is just breathtaking. Looking down the street and seeing the white lights illuminating every building is just... pure magic, plain and simple.

I'm leaving out so many great places... I love taking the People Mover in Tomorrowland, people watching from the benches by Splash Mountain, the hidden path from Liberty Square to Frontierland, the Dole Whip shop in Adventureland... the list goes on and on.

Come back soon for My Favorite Places at Epcot!

All photos are property of Ryan Dosier

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