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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Review: 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World

Mitchell Stein- Whoever said a trip to Walt Disney World might be too expensive might want to read Lou Mongello’s 102 Ways to Save Money For and At Walt Disney World.

Lou Mongello, well-known for his award-winning podcast “WDW Radio” lends his writing talents and Disney-expertise to the pen for the third time. In this new book, Lou offers some fantastic tips on the best ways to save money in the parks on your next trip to WDW. He’ll provide insight on the best times of the year to travel to the parks, which dining plans to choose, what not to buy and hotel/airplane and food. 

With the ticket prices going up rather high this year, allow Lou to guide you through the best and most trustworthy ways to save money when in the parks. With merchandise and food prices skyrocketing as well, it could be hard for the first time visitor as well as the returning visitor on what to spend your money on and the best tips to save your money to use towards more exciting things in the future. I really wish I had this book before our last visit! We could have saved over $500 easily.

Did you know that if you’re in Central Florida for a business meeting (even if non-Disney related) your companions are eligible for cheaper Disney tickets while you are in a meeting? If you choose to join them, you can receive a special half-day ticket as well so you can head to the parks after the meeting. Did you know that if you are staying on Disney property you receive free transportation to the Disney parks (not to mention the Extra Magic Hours)? Did you know if you purchase a “Tables in Wonderland” membership, you can easily save 20% on every meal in the parks? These are just a few of the wonderful examples that Lou shares with you in his brand new book. 

I really enjoyed this book throughout. Lou guides you through the parks providing you with tips on the best ways to save money and gives some insight to the history to the parks. Lou adds some hilarious humor to the book too to ensure an enjoyable read. 

It’ll cost you a few dollars to purchase this book, but you’ll be saving a lot more on your next trip to Walt Disney World. You’ll spend money on the books, but the amount of money you’ll save will skyrocket over the price you spent on the book.

102 Ways To Save Money for and at Walt Disney World is now available in paperback version. A Kindle E-Book Version is also available. 

In this article,  Lou shares some tips on how to save money at Walt Disney World for FoxNews. Read the article here

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