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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Most Patriotic Disney Moments in History

As we make our transition into our new website, The AMERICAN Mindset, we decided to share what we think we describe as the most "patriotic moments in Disney history". Yes, Disney is not only enjoyable for it's great films and music and such, but the reason why the company stands today is because of it's wonderful moments where it pays tribute to the land of the free and the home of the brave. Today we decided to pay tribute to the most inspiring and heartwarming of American moments under the Disney umbrella.

Muppets Studio- Stars and Stripes Forever! 
In this beautiful video, American patriot Sam the American Eagle delivers an inspiring tribute to the mother country. Unfortunately, there were a bunch of weirdos hanging around and ruined everything.

Muppets Studio- American Woman: 
In this video, Sam the American Eagle sings in a beautiful melody in tribute to one of the nation's great legends. 

Did you know the only reason Disney made this movie was just so it could take place in beautiful New York City? We just watch it for it's beautiful AMERICAN scenery. 
The Avengers: 
In this film, extra-terrestrial aliens discover what a beautiful place AMERICA truly is, so they decide to take it over, but only to be stopped by The Avengers led by Captain AMERICA. Of course, not to ruin the truly beautiful New York, they had to digitize the entire scene. 

This film pays tribute to the old days on Route 66. In June 1956, American president Dwight D. Eisenhower (he is our favorite opera singer!) signed a law that 41,000 new highways across America were to be constructed. As a result, the small town surrounding the highways were passed-by when they once thrived by by passers. This scene plays tribute to those days before 1956 and before the financial crisis that arose after the highways were built. 

The Muppet Movie: 
The Muppet's first feature film pays tribute to the free land throughout the whole film and also takes a look back at the golden years of Hollywood. but by far the most inspiring and patriotic American moments can be heard in this scene. Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear. 

That's all for now! What are some of your favorite American-related moments from the Disney films and television shows? Email us at our former email, mickeymindset@gmail.com to have it featured on the site! 

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