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Monday, April 21, 2014

Book Reviews: Pixar Character Encyclopedia, Monsters University Guide

Book Review: Pixar Character Encyclopedia
Ranging from thousands of Pixar characters throughout the years, The Pixar Character Encyclopedia takes a look and spotlights many of these memorable characters from many different Pixar films since Toy Story to Brave (the book’s first publishing was before Monsters University was released).

Much like the other previous Disney-DK Publishing books, this takes a look at a lot of various Pixar characters in a fun, easy to read, and enjoyable way. A few weeks ago we reviewed DK’s latest, The Muppet Character Encyclopedia which follows in much of the same style of the DK character books.
The book features dozens of characters in chronological order of the Pixar films release dates, with sequels like Toy Story 2 & 3 and Cars 2 included with the original and takes a very ‘in-universe’ look at the films, such as instead of saying “Remy is voiced by Patton Oswalt” but rather treating the characters like actual living people, giving us a glance at their lives and sometimes a bit of a back-story, which is good and keeps to the story beyond the films. 

In some character pages, the references go beyond the movies, with a tongue-in-cheek reference to some of Pixar’s other work, such as Needleman playing Randall Boggs in Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me, and BURN-E getting trapped outside of the ship in WALL-E, just before a hyperspace jump (which is a reference to the Pixar short, “BURN-E”, which appeared on the DVD release). Plus, we learn the names of some backaround characters, who some I've never heard of, and I’m a pretty big Pixar fan.

If you’re a big Pixar fan like myself (and who isn’t?) make sure to check out this book soon!

Monsters University: The Essential Guide
Out of the Pixar franchises, my all-time favorite would have to be the Monsters franchise. Monsters Inc. was a great film, with great story, characters, and humor and it’s prequel Monsters University delivered well to the fans of the original film, and introduced a whole cast of new characters.

The Monsters University Essential Guide handles itself as a University guide, and showing you, the new student, all of the basics to the University and what you have to know. Okay, so maybe University guides wouldn’t showcase specific students (Mike Wazowski, James “Sulley” Sullivan) but it would be inappropriate to have a Monsters book and not include the memorable characters in it. 

The book is written by Glenn Dakin, who has a history with Disney-DK, writing books such as Disney Villains: The Essential Guide and DisneyAnimals: The Essential Guide. This book delivers well to a life-long Monsters Inc. fan, not quite up to the standards of the Character Encyclopedia levels, but works as a good companion to the other Essential Guide and to the film. It’s also a very good read for kids, as it’s easy to read as well.

Another job well done by the Disney and DK Publishing team! 

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