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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Say Hello to the American Mindset!

In honor of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, it was decided we would pay tribute to the franchise by changing our website name to the American Mindset on release day in honor of our fellow Captain. But as all good success stories happen, we decided not just to change the name of our site on release day, but we'll be changing our website name permanently!

Henceforth, we will focus on our favorite American Disney characters, movies, and television shows. This is obviously a big change for all of us here at  The  Mickey American Mindset, so here to make the announcement is our favorite patriotic eagles, Sam the American Eagle, fresh off of his success of Muppets Most Wanted. 

Official Statement: 

Greetings! A glorious April morning to you all. It is on this day, the first of April, that we rededicate this weird website to the truth, justice, equality, and liberty that is AMERICA. I, Sam the American Eagle, am honored to be presenting the very first post on The American Mindset--and what better way to do it than the week my personal hero, Captain America returns! Why, he's my favorite sailor! Yes, I know some people, like Mitchell Stein will attempt to convince you that Captain America is some sort of weird superhero in spandex tights--but he is undoubtedly an American Sailor. Besides, did you know that Mitchell Stein is Canadian?! Appalling! Disgusting! Horrifying!! Thankfully, Mitchell has seen the errors of his Canadian ways and has adapted to America--just as everyone should (and will). Thankfully, there is also Ryan Dosier, a decent American person, although I've been told he has an obsession with The Muppets, so how decent can he really be?

Thank you for this most humbling and patriotic of opportunities. Enjoy, The American Mindset!

The American Mindset: For questions or comments please contact us at our former email, mickeymindset@gmail.com

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