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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Disneynature's Bears Film Review

Mitchell Stein- Well, they’ve done it again. DisneyNature’s latest film, Bears is a wonderful ture-story adventure, following very much in the wonderful footsteps that DisneyNature has built itself on throughout the past ten years.

The film begins by introducing us to our main stars of the film, a mother bear named Skye and her newborn cubs, Amber and Scout, who just woke up from their long winter hibernation. In order to be able to survive the next winter, Skye and her cubs must journey to find food to stock up on to last them through their next hibernation. On the way, they encounter lots of dangerous obstacles and predators that will question their survival. The movie is narrated by John C. Reily, known well in the Disney circles as the voice of Ralph in Wreck-It-Ralph. Reily adds much comedy to the story, making this a really fun and enjoyable experience, besides being somewhat educational. 

It’s a really beautiful film, filled with emotion and beautiful cinematography. Some shots are so beautiful and breathtaking, and I applaud the entire camera crew on this wonderful achievement, as they follow these bears and other animals they encounter along the way. The film is directed by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey both known for their work in previous Disneynature films.

Even though Disneynature was only launched in 2008, it stays far ahead of all its competitor documentary film industries. Although the movie could have been chopped down by 10-15 minutes, at no time did it become boring or unenjoyable. Very often it felt very much like a real movie, rather than a documentary style film. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this film very much. It’s beautiful story and highly entertaining. I also wasn’t expecting there to be such a large amount of comedy, which was a major bonus. Disneynature has not yet disappointed with a film yet, and this one lives up to its predecessors. Keep up the good work Disneynature! Here’s to waiting an entire year until their next film, Monkey Kingdom hits theaters. 

Make sure to stay through the credits to see a behind-the-scenes look at how they filmed some of the scenes in the movie! 

Disneynature’s Bears hits theaters on Earth Day in North America. 

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