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Monday, March 31, 2014

Retro Reviews: The Return of Jafar

Michael Wermuth- The Return of Jafar is the first sequel to Aladdin, the first of many direct-to-video animated sequels from Disney, and the second animated Disney sequel (after The Rescuers Down Under).

 The movie takes place sometime after the previous movie, though Aladdin and Jasmine are not yet married. The Genie comes back from traveling around the world. And Jafar is now a genie, only trapped inside the lamp and burried underground. Iago, who Jafar had forced into the lamp with him, gets out and decides not to let Jafar free. He decides to join Aladdin, though Aladdin is initially skeptical about it. The lamp gets into the hands of Abis Mal, a thief who hated Aladdin for beating him to gold he was going to steal. Jafar is limited to the rules of being a genie, which means he can't kill Aladdin, so after he tricks Abis Mal into wasting his first two wishes, he convinces him into wishing him free after the two plot to arrange for Aladdin to be killed.

 Robin Williams did not return to voice the Genie in this sequel (or the series), so Genie is voiced by Dan Castlenetta, best known as the voice of Homer Simpson on The Simpsons. And he does a fairly good job as the Genie (though he does sound like Homer at times). Most of the songs are forgettable, though I do like "Forget About Love", which Iago sings to Jasmine when she's mad at Aladdin. The songs aren't bad, but I can't remember them too well without watching the movie. Iago is great here, where he constantly switches from being a good guy to working with Jafar again to becoming a good guy again.

 The Return of Jafar is a fairly decent movie. For a direct-to-video sequel, it's not very bad (actually I don't think any of the direct-to-video sequels that I've seen are too bad, maybe it's best that I haven't seen the really horrible ones). Maybe it's not as good as Aladdin, but it is worth watching.

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