1 The Mickey Mindset: News Update: March 14th 2014

Friday, March 14, 2014

News Update: March 14th 2014

Muppets Most Wanted opens in seven days in North America, so in true Muppety fashion, they're taking over your televisions! The Muppets have been practically everywhere on TV these past couple of weeks, and this week is no exception. Luckily, our pals at Toughpigs got the full schedule for us!

Ryan Dosier, the other half of this site was lucky enough to attend a screening of Muppets Most Wanted last Saturday! Read his fantastic review of the film right here! Keep checking The Muppet Mindset daily to read Ryan's entire trip report.

Kermit the Frog made an appearance at the White House where First Lady Michelle Obama held a special screening of the film for military families. Kermit came to introduce the film before it began. The Muppets are everywhere these past few weeks. The Muppet performers must be exhausted

And the good folks over at Stitch Kingdom have discovered that Constantine, the world's most dangerous frog now has his own viral website, http://www.badfrog.me/. There's lots of Constatine merchandise available. We couldn't help but notice this was probably inspired by the other Disney viral website that was set up in promotion for Monsters University at http://monstersuniversity.com/edu/.

Stitch Kingdom also has hundreds of great photos from the Muppets Most Wanted premiere. See them here! 

In other news, as reported this week by Inside The Magic, Disney Parks and Marvel are working on a series of comics to feature Figment and Dreamfinder, both from the original Journey into Imagination with Figment attraction in Epcot.
Get the full scoop from Inside The Magic!

Corbin Hayes created a brand-new mash up for Monsters University in anticipation for Party Central, and all new short premiering before all screenings of Muppets Most Wanted. Watch the mash-up below and see Party Central in theaters on March 21st!

Disney Junior show Doc McStuffins has an all-new DVD adventure coming on March 18th! In celebration of the release of Doc McStuffins: Mobile Clinic, we have two new clips to share with you! 

Saving Mr. Banks is also heading to Blu-Ray and DVD on March 18th, alongside Frozen and The Jungle Book 2! It's a busy day for Disney Blu-Rays on March 18th, so luckily you'll only have to make one trip to your nearby Blu-Ray store. 

In anticipation for Saving Mr. Banks we're happy to share this exclusive deleted scene: 

The Disney-distributed film Need for Speed opens in North America today! The film is being released by Dreamworks SKG (which Disney does distribution for) and Touchstone Pictures (which Disney owns). If you see it, let us know your thoughts! 

Anna and Elsa from Frozen are heading to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World as announced officially by Disney Parks on their blog. They'll be heading to the Fairytale Hall, as well as appearing in the new Festival of Fantasy Parade! Get the full story on the Disney Parks website! 

That's all for now! Have a Muppety time when you see Muppets Most Wanted next weekend! 

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