1 The Mickey Mindset: Esther Senberg's Top Ten Disney Films

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Esther Senberg's Top Ten Disney Films

Today's article is written and sent in by reader Esther Senberg. Esther is thirteen years old and is a life-long Disney fan. 

Esther Senberg- I've always been a very big fan of Disney movies and I always watch Disney movies all the time. I've visited Walt Disney World dozens of times and I really like it too. My favorite ride is Expedition Everest. But I also like a lot of the rides based on movies, which I am going to list my favorite movies below:

10. The Muppets: The Muppets is a very funny movie. Also I liked it because I liked Walter and he was the main character in the last movie so it made the movie even better than it already was.

9. Air Bud: Air Bud is a very good movie because its about a dog and dogs are my favorite animal. It is also very cute to see a dog playing basketball.

8.The Lion King: I love the characters in The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa are my favorite because they are really funny. The song Hakuna Matata is a really good song.

7. Lady and The Tramp: Lady and The Tramp is another one of my favorite dog movies. its cute and very funny.

6. Beauty and the Beast- Beauty and the Beast is a very fun movie because the songs in it are really good and the characters are really great and fun to watch.

5. Tarzan. Tarzan is very good because its a very different type of movie than all the other Disney movies. Its very cool that he grew up with gorillas. My favorite character is Tantor the Elephant.  

4. Toy Story. Toy Story is a very original movie because its live toys. the song "you've got a friend in me is a really good song. Toy Story 2 is a very good sequel because it has the bad-guy Al, who is very funny. Toy Story 3 is good and is very good because it has Lotso in it and he ends up being very mean. I like Ken because he has a lot of very cool outfits.

3. Monsters Inc. Monsters Inc. is really funny because the monsters are scared of kids. in the movie you see it from the monsters point of view. The best character is Mike Wazowski because he's very funny. That's Wazowski with one I.

2.Tangled. The songs in Tangled are really good, I love "When Will my Life Begin". Pascal is really cute. Flynn is really funny. Mother Gothel is the best Disney villain becuase she is very evil and she looks creepy and I love the song Mother Knows Best. 

1. Frozen. Frozen is the best movie ever! The songs in Frozen are amazing, especially Let It Go. The animation was really good and the ice and snow looked so real. Olaf was really funny, and the main reason why I like Frozen is because of the ending. The ending was really good and surprising and it wasn't like any other previous Disney movie.

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  1. wow, that was a really good top ten list! I agree about Frozen and its also my favorite movie

  2. I like this article. I agree with all her choices. Good job.

  3. Frozen is DA BEST!

  4. That's is a nice list. However, I would have "Dumbo" on the list somehow.