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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mitchell Stein's Top Ten Favorite Disney Villains

Mitchell Stein- Mitchell Stein’s Top Ten Disney Villains:

After reading some of our fantastic Top Ten Disney Villains contributions by our amazing readers, I realized I had not yet written a Top Ten list of my own yet, so without any more introduction, here is my top ten favorite villains of all time: 

10) Gaston LeGume:
Gaston is a perfectly fit villain for Beauty and the Beast. His inflated ego and narcissistic outlook on everything lets always lets him feel superior and his determination for Belle keeps the story going. He’s cunning, and devious, and goes as far as throwing Belle’s father Maurice into an asylum just to get her to marry him. When it becomes known that the Beast in fact does exist, and Belle has fallen for him instead, Gaston goes after the Beast in order to kill him. A true villain if I ever saw one. 

9) Bowler Hat Guy & Dolores:
I’ve always loved Meet the Robinsons, and probably one of the best aspects of the story is the main antagonist of the film, Bowler Hat Guy and his evil robot bowler hat, Doris (or DOR-15). As a child, Bowler Hat Guy shared a room with Lewis Robinson, who kept him up all night working on his science project, The Memory Scanner. Goob, being too tired the next day ends up falling asleep during a Little League baseball game and ends up costing the entire game. Too ashamed, Goob hides himself in the orphanage, long after its closing listening to the radio and being tormented by Lewis’ success. He then decides to team up with Doris to take out their revenge on Lewis after all those years.
While Bowler Hat Guy seems to be the bad guy, the real villain is Doris, who seeks her revenge on Lewsi after he shut her down shortly after her creation. She teams up with Goob to execute their plan. Bowler Hat Guy is hilarious as the clumsy, dumb, ridiculous villain, and what Doris has to put up with throughout the movie.

8) Scar:
The Lion King still remains one of my favorite movies ever, and much of that excitement in the movie is driven by Scar and his evil hyena henchmen. His musical number “Be Prepared” is a wonderfully catchy song, and he’s perfectly evil on all accounts. His evil schemes are almost beyond most Disney villains, especially in the sense of his planned execution of both Mufasa and Simba. He then takes over the kingdom creating a dark, evil place with himself on top.

7) The Hyenas: Benzai, Ed and Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jaquelina Hyena
Okay, this is kinda cheating considering them a villain, but these evil henchmen really deserve their own spotlight. The goofy hyenas recruited by Scar (he must have been really desperate for henchmen) Shenzi, Benzai and Ed are incredibly ridiculous and steal almost every scene. Ed is the crazy guy of the trio, voiced by Jim Cummings and is easily the most hilarious, barely ever speaking a word but communicating through laughter. Easily the funniest character. The hyenas bounce off each other really well.

"You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?" 
6) King Candy
Wreck-It Ralph isn’t really my favorite Disney animated film, but one of the things I love about it is the film’s antagonist, King Candy. He’s perfectly hilarious throughout the entire film. Plus, I don’t want to be sent to the Fungeon, so I had to include him.

5) Jafar
Jafar is a perfect villains on all means. He’s perfectly evil and villainous and hilarious which creates scenes where you’re unsure of whether to love him or hate him. Throughout his screen time, his main intentions are to have more power, and to get there, he’ll crush anyone in his way. In my opinion, this is what a perfect Disney villain is to me on all means.
I’m not generally a fan of villains that are seeking revenge for some incident years before, but rather when things are more about business and less personal, those characters always work better. In The Muppets, an original story included Tex Richman seeking revenge at the Muppets for doing a bad performance at his tenth birthday party. Luckily, they swapped out that story for that Richman was trying to take over the theater in order to drill for oil. That’s just another example of how I prefer business over personal issues when it comes to villains.

Also, I think him flubbing Prince Ali Ababua (calling him Prince Abooboo) is hilarious. It cracks me up every time. 

4) Randall
Jealous of James P. (Sulley) Sullivan’s scare record, which is almost double the amount of his own, Randall goes as far as creating the Scream Extractor, and kidnapping children to test it out on. He violates the Scare Code and basic human values just to make sure he ends up on top, working alongside Henry Waternoose, they both define great memorable villains.
Monsters University reveals to us a bit about Randall’s past, crossing over with Mike Wazowski and Sulley, giving us insight on their rivalry. Randall feels he needs to redeem himself for losing to Mike, and therefore attempts to make himself superior than the duo when they end up at Monsters Inc.

3) Constantine
Making his debut in Muppets Most Wanted, Kermit’s evil Russian doppelganger shines from his first moment on screen and really nails it until the credits roll. He’s brilliantly hilarious throughout the movie, performed by puppeteer Matt Vogel who also supplies the voice, and he sings and tap-dances! What else do you want from a villain? Originally I wasn’t so sure about Constantine’s future following the film, but he was a really fantastic character that I wouldn’t even mind if he continued to make cameo appearances alongside the Muppets, just as long as they don’t overdue the Kermit doppelganger plot stories.

2) Mother Gothel
 Mother Gothel is quite evil in Disney’s Tangled. Her self-centered mindset has her go as far as kidnapping a new-born child and locking her away in a tower. She even goes as far as attempting to kill Flynn Rider when the secret has been revealed, just for her own selfish purposes. She’s a great villain because she can be evil but she still provides comic relief during the film, something which can’t always be said about most villains 

   1) Dr. Heinz Doofenshrmirtz
This guy is by far my favorite Disney villain to date. His failed experiments (his ANATORS to be precise) and his frenemy relationship with Agent P somehow never manages to get old, even though five years of Phineas and Ferb have passed. Maybe one day he’ll figure out not to build a machine with a self-destruct feature included.

Ooh! It’s muffin time! So that it’s for my favorite Disney villains of all time. What are some of your favorite Disney villains?

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