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Friday, February 28, 2014

News Update: February 28th 2014

Mitchell Stein- Another jam-packed week! Will there ever be a week without any Disney news?

Starting off this week with Muppets Most Wanted! With the movie only 20 days away, the promotion for the movie has been all over the place with brilliant ads and commercials. Lots was released this week, so head over to our sister site, The Muppet Mindset to read all about it!

Plus, the Muppets teamed up with Lipton Tea for this great ad, which clearly proves that New York is full of Animals.

In Frozen news, a brilliant parody has gone viral this past week of Frozen's popular song "Let It Go"!
A local traffic reporter in Cincinnati named Bob Herzog has released a parody named "Just Don't Go" warning people of the terrible weather during the winter. It's brilliant and hilarious so check it out right here:

The Disney Parks Blog held another live chat/video this past week for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which is set to open in Spring. They released an entire video of the current ride-through compared next to the concept video shown at the D23 Expo. Not all the effects are added yet, so keep in mind all that will be added in the next couple of weeks before opening date. 

Rumors are surrounding The American Idol Experience, at Disney's Hollywood Studios which report of that the show will leave after this summer. Again, these are just rumors, and it is unknown if it would be replaced with another show (The Voice? X-Factor?) or these are just rumors. 

If you hadn't noticed, Thor: The Dark World was released on Blu-Ray and DVD this past Tuesday! Along with the Blu-Ray, you can purchase an awesome new print from the film's Head of Visual Development, Charlie Web as seen below! See more details here!

To tie in with the digital release of Frozen, Disney announced their new digital service, Disney Movies Anywhere! Now, by purchasing Disney films on iTunes, you will also receive Disney Movie Rewards along with your purchase. Linking up the app to your iTunes account, you'll be able to watch all your purchased films anywhere you go, as long as it's in the U.S. Sign up now and receive a free copy of The Incredibles! 

The Academy Awards of 2014 airs live on Sunday at 8 PM hosted by the very-funny Ellen Degeneres, who has quite a big amount of Disney connections. Many Disney films are up for Oscars, including Frozen, Saving Mr. Banks, Monsters University, The Wind Rises and The Lone Ranger. Be on the lookout for upcoming Disney movie TV spots. 

Frozen is on Blu-Ray on March 18th 2014, and to make you even more excited than you already are, we've been provided with a clip of The Making of Frozen, a musical behind the scenes featuring the cast of the movie. 
In the final and in the biggest news this week from Walt Disney World are plans to expand the Cinderella Castle courtyard, also known as The Hub to create more space for fireworks viewing and to create more space for busy parks. To get an idea of how much will actually be added, look at an aerial before and after photo, courtesy of Inside The Magic. Have no fear, the partners statue featuring Mickey and Walt will remain. 

MORE NEWS UPDATE: The good folks over at Stitch Kingdom have reported this morning that Disney will hold another major 24-hour extravaganza in the North America parks, called "Rock You Disney Side" following in the #DisneySide campaign that Disney Parks is promoting this year. 
A photo was released by Disney Parks this morning featuring a hashtag with 140 characters in it. We gotta hand it to you Disney, that was brilliant. 

That's it for the news this week! Have a great week! 

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